Edugate is a system composed of several services for visitors to the gate and the students and teachers. It eases dealin with the academic system of the University and provides as much information to its users, while ensuring the validity and accuracy of information and updated directly.Edugate works in both Arabic and English, smooth and can be used by everyone, thus decreases headache in the University departments and saves time and effort.

About Us

Born from the vision of its Chairman, Mr Abdullah Al Sharhan the Australian University was established to generate human potential, through provision of practical skills and knowledge aligned with industry requirements, allowing effective contribution to the development of the State of Kuwait. We offer internationally accredited foundation, diploma and degree programs in Management, Engineering and Aviation. In addition, AU has in excess of 275 professional development training programs covering a wide range of disciplines clustered into nine core areas:

Business Essentials , Customer Service , Engineering , English Language Training , Entrepreneurship , Information Technology Training , Leadership & Coaching , Learning & Development, Workplace Safety Training & Environment








Academic Teaching Staff

Prof. Isam Zabalawi

President, Australian University

Higher education in Kuwait has played a pivotal role in the overall process of development, and still does increasingly. Undeniably, higher education has numerous vital economic and social dimensions. Moreover, it interacts with many pertinent sectors including the various industrial and business services. Over the past decade, AU has made tangible progress towards its founders’ dream to create a community of learning whose members are equipped with knowledge, practical skills, positive attitude and attributes enabling them to contribute to the development of Kuwait. AU offers an innovative pedagogical model integrating classroom learning and hands-on experience that prepares students to master and to make, to reflect and to apply, to analyze and to act. Students are prepared to enter graduate programs or the global workplace by undergoing a curriculum that combines active learning along with technical and experiential application structured for enhancing their learning.

Dr. Ayad Salhieh

Assistant to the President for Student Relations